Iranian Threat Agent Greenbug Impersonates Israeli High-Tech and Cyber Security Companies

Iranian Threat Agent Greenbug  has been registering domains similar to those of Israeli High-Tech and Cyber Security Companies.

On 15 October 2017 a sample of ISMdoor was submitted to VirusTotal from Iraq.  The sample name was WmiPrv.tmp (f5ef3b060fb476253f9a7638f82940d9) and it had the following PDB string:

C:\Users\Void\Desktop\v 10.0.194\x64\Release\swchost.pdb

Two domains were used for command and control:


By pivoting off the registration details and servers data of the two domains we discovered others registered by the threat agent. Eight contain the name of Israeli high-tech and cyber security companies and one of a Saudi Arabian testing & commissioning of major electrical equipment company.

We estimate that the domains were registered in order to be used when targeting these companies, organisations related to them, or unrelated third parties. However, we do not have any indication that the companies were actually targeted or otherwise impacted.

Below are the malicious domains and the companies who’s names were used.

Malicious Domain Impersonated company Registration date
winsecupdater[.]com 11/6/2016
dnsupdater[.]com 12/4/2016
winscripts[.]net 3/4/2017
allsecpackupdater[.]com Uncertain 4/8/2017
lbolbo[.]com 4/8/2017
securepackupdater[.]com  Uncertain 4/8/2017
thetaraysecurityupdate[.]com ThetaRay ( – An Israeli cyber security and big data analytics company 4/8/2017
ymaaz[.]com YMAAZE ( – A Saudi Arabian testing & commissioning of major electrical equipment company 4/8/2017
oospoosp[.]com 8/9/2017
osposposp[.]com 8/9/2017
znazna[.]com 8/9/2017
mbsmbs[.]com 8/9/2017
outbrainsecupdater[.]com Outbrain (– A major Israeli online advertising company 8/9/2017
securelogicupdater[.]com SecureLogic ( – Likely an Israeli marketer of airport security systems by the same name. Other companies with the same name exist. 8/9/2017
benyaminsecupdater[.]com  Uncertain 8/9/2017
wixwixwix[.]com Wix ( – A major Israeli cloud-based web development platform 8/9/2017
biocatchsecurity[.]com Biocatch ( – an Israeli company developing technology for behavioral biometrics for fraud prevention and detection 10/14/2017
corticasecurity[.]com Cortica ( – an Israeli company developing Artificial Intelligence technology 10/14/2017
covertixsecurity[.]com Covertix ( – An Israeli data security company 10/14/2017
arbescurity[.]com Arbe Robotics (– An Israeli company developing autonomous driving technology 10/14/2017

Indicators of compromise

Indicators of compromise are presented below and are available on PassiveTotal.


Domain allsecpackupdater[.]com
Domain znazna[.]com
Domain arbescurity[.]com
Domain benyaminsecupdater[.]com
Domain biocatchsecurity[.]com
Domain corticasecurity[.]com
Domain covertixsecurity[.]com
Domain dnsupdater[.]com
Domain lbolbo[.]com
Domain mbsmbs[.]com
Domain ntpupdateserver[.]com
Domain oospoosp[.]com
Domain osposposp[.]com
Domain outbrainsecupdater[.]com
Domain securelogicupdater[.]com
Domain securepackupdater[.]com
Domain thetaraysecurityupdate[.]com
Domain winscripts[.]net
Domain winsecupdater[.]com
Domain wixwixwix[.]com
Domain ymaaz[.]com
Domain benyaminsecupdater[.]com
Filename WmiPrv.tmp
Hash 37d586727c1293d8a278b69d3f0c5c4b
Hash 82755bf7ad786d7bf8da00b6c19b6091
Hash ad5120454218bb483e0b8467feb3a20f
Hash e0175eecf8d31a6f32da076d22ecbdff
Hash f5ef3b060fb476253f9a7638f82940d9
SSLCertificate 3b0b85ea32cab82eaf4249c04c05bdfce5b6074ca076fedf87dbea6b28fab99d


The Maltego graph below depicts the relationship among the indicators (click to enlarge):


Update 2017-10-25 – three hashes removed from IOC list

The following hashes were mistakenly included in the IOC list and have been removed, as they are unrelated to the campaign: