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Featured Research: Charming Kitten Iranian Cyber Espionage

Iranian Cyber Espionage Against Human Rights Activists, Academic Researchers and Media Outlets – And the HBO Hacker Connection Charming Kitten is an Iranian cyberespionage group operating since approximately 2014. This report exposes their vast espionage apparatus, active during 2016-2017

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ClearSky brings top of the line cyber solutions to top tier companies worldwide.
Our cyber intelligence team is dedicated to detecting threats and threat actors aimed at your company. ClearSky brings years of expertise as a trusted advisor for governments, finance, critical infrastructures and pharma companies

Threat Intelligence

Providing actionable insights of the attack landscape, such as threats, attack infrastructure and cyber risks aimed at your company

Cyber strategy & architecture

By getting to know your attackers, we can help you create tailor-made cyber defense strategy and architecture suited to your company’s needs, customized to your organizational threat landscape

Cyber tabletop exercise

Prepare and train your management teams for scenarios in which they have to deal with cyberattacks, and by doing so identify your company’s posture and readiness

Blockchain Security

We help companies face new frontiers with our security solution for private Blockchain and ICO ventures, bringing them to complete resilience


Ayatollah BBC – An Iranian Disinformation Operation Against Western Media Outlets

Monitoring Iranian activity in cyberspace, we have uncovered an online propaganda-and-disinformation operation, containing dozens of websites that impersonate western media outlets. At the center of the operation is the BBC Persian website. We call this operation Ayatollah BBC. We estimate that the main objective of the operation is to undermine the credibility of western media […]

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Cyber Intelligence 2017 Summary Report

Major cyber trends in 2017 The most significant attacks this year were executed by organized cybercrime groups and nation-state actors Over the last two years, cyberspace has become a prominent medium for fighting between countries. Among the major global cyber actors, Russia is both the most significant nation-state actor, and the most prolific habitat for […]

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