Cyber Tabletop Exercise

Preparing organizations for A Cyberattack scenario

Are you ready for a cyber breach? Are you ready for cyber extortion? Probably yes, but does your CEO and management know what to expect and what do in real time? Probably not.

One of the biggest challenges companies, organizations and governments are facing today is the ability to handle a real time cyberattack and cyber breach. It is our mission as cyber security leaders to prepare our company to handle cyber attack in case of a real event.
The ability to illustrate and simulate an event and to prepare for it is not trivial and companies find it hard to prepare for this kind of event.


ClearSky Cyber tabletop exercise

Illustrating Cyberattack

Our team has assembled its experiences, case studies and methodologies to create top of the line, tabletop simulation – illustrating to organization managements the challenges they will face in a cyber battle, working under complete uncertainty, but without any risks to core business – a true eye opener to any management.
In the last 5 years ClearSky’s experts have created and participated in numerous cyberattacks in real time bringing hands-on knowledge, experience and case studies to facilitate tabletop simulation for companies.

Cross company teamwork

When a cyber event emerges, there are huge implications for operational teams and the continuity of core business. A cyberattack cannot be mitigated and handled only by security teams. Tabletop simulation (without touching technology infrastructure) brings best knowledge and diminishes uncertainties to create best practice, tailor-made to the company’s core assets and clients.
For example, publication of an attack in social media must be addressed by experts, otherwise it may lead to loss of reputation. Companies must learn how to continue operating under attacks and continue providing services to their clients, while limiting the damage

Insights from TTX

The results of tabletop simulation are:

  • Better handling of cyber events
  • Increase in management awareness
  • New and improved procedures
  • New budget allocations


  • TTX Plan with unique and customer -specific cyber scenario
  • Running the TTX
  • Complete TTX report with our insights