ClearSky cyber security solutions assist companies to prepare, respond and protect their business from cyber security threats. ClearSky has vast experience identifying and monitoring threat actors worldwide. Our team of security experts stands at the client’s side to help prevent security breaches by locating early attack indicators and help you reach an informed mitigation decision in real time. Our extensive knowledge of threat actors, attack infrastructure and threat intelligence serves as a focal point to assist our clients to customize a unique protection, making our clients more resilient

Threat Intelligence

Extend your visibility to cyber threats from hacker groups to APT groups and attack infrastructures aimed at your company

Cyber strategy

Create cyber defense strategy focused on your cyber threats profile to allow your organization to mitigate and contain cyberattacks

Cyber architecture

Build state of the art cyber security architecture to face your upcoming cyber security challenges

APT Group In-depth research

Get to know the APT groups and rivals targeting your company, to improve your security posture to such threats and plan defense strategy

Cyber tabletop exercise

Prepare your management teams to cyber related teams for cyber-related attack scenarios, help them understand and prepare to face the challenges and possible mitigation

Blockchain security

Audit all elements of your private blockchain or ICO venture, from core system to end-user wallets