Threat Intelligence

Our team of cyber threat analysts and researchers continuously run a targeted and extensive evaluation of cyber threats and risks. They generate breaking alerts, updates, advisories and notifications for security and operations centers, IT, ​​risk officers, and management.

We help our customers to stay ahead of threats, make the necessary adjustments to organizational policies and procedures, and re-configure and adapt security and IT systems.

​We assist and coach the organization to formulate and implement a cyber-event handling program and crisis level situation assessment and decision making.

As part of our services we assist our customers to cope with phishing and BEC threats before they are conducted and before they harm customers’ organization or their clients.

In addition, we have good visibility in the Deepweb and the Darknet that allows us to provide our customers with specific alerts connected to their organization and sector.

Our sources includes the following:

  • Password protected and open discussion groups of various communities, such as Russian groups; Islamic groups; Chinese groups; and more.
  • Cyber threat and reputation feeds, data and information sources.
  • Malware analysis.
  • Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Open sources manual and automated monitoring and analysis.
  • Shareable information accumulated from our customer base and partners.