Blockchain Security

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Blockchain is an emerging technology signaling a new era in cyberspace. Blockchain serves as infrastructure of cryptocurrency coins and it is currently one of the most adoptable technologies in the finance market. It is considered a disruptive technology, one that has the potential to change the way our ecosystem and economy works.
Blockchain is an encrypted, distributed ledger on a peer-to-peer network. Data can be a monetary transaction, contract or any other data. Members of the network are called nodes and they communicate using cryptography to securely identify both parties communicating (i.e. sender and receiver). They use blocks in order to add agreed upon data to the ledger. Today there are public and private blockchains being used worldwide.
We are developing new set of security auditing tools to evaluate the security and resilience of a blockchain infrastructure. Our blockchain experts will assess and evaluate private or public blockchain infrastructure.


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Blockchain security challenges

Blockchain is considered a secured system by design, but since it is a system with a market cap of billions of dollars, crime groups are probing the blockchain ecosystem to find vulnerabilities, especially at the end user points.
Also, particularly in a private blockchain, the “secured by design” definition can be refuted if a malicious user owns more than half of the nodes in the network, and consequently rendering it no longer secured by design.

Solution components

ClearSky provides a security audit solution to the private blockchain, including system, nodes and wallets. Since 2016 we have been mapping crime attack groups and methods of attacks in the cryptocurrency and finance market