Clearsky is a cybersecurity consulting and Intelligence company. we provide strategic consulting, threat intelligence, solutions and services – all in the cyber domain.

Multidisciplinary expertise


The founders of ClearSky are experienced in negating cyber-warfare, cyber-terror and cyber-crime. For more than a decade, our team ​members led numerous defensive programs at the national and organizations levels, successfully protecting some of the most attacked entities in cyberspace.


Over the years, our team encountered numerous types of attacks, from a individual hackers to state sponsored attacks. The team protected tier-1 companies and government systems.

We designed, built and operated the Israeli Government’s Security Operations Center, CERT, and research teams. As such, we dealt with countless attacks and incidents, including large scale Denial of Service attacks, advanced malware, and high level attacks against the internet infrastructure of the Israeli government.

Our team has:

  • Developed the cyber strategy and methodologies for governments, enterprises and companies.
  • Established a Cyber Defense Shield, consisting of several defense rings.
  • Designed and operated a Security Operation Center, working 24/7/365.
  • Conducted Red Team activities and Advanced Persistent threat (APT) simulation.
  • Conducted tabletop exercises, risk assessment, vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Created and managed an R&D team
  • Managed the adoption of International Standards (ISO 27001, ISO 27032, PCI-DSS).
  • ​participated in formulating regulations, policies and best practices for cyber defense.


Our vision is to provide comprehensive cybersecurity defense tailored to the needs of organisation.

The first pillar of our vision is Strategy and Methodology – ClearSky’s senior strategic experts provide management with a complete review of the organization’s policies, procedures and implementation.
​Our experience in government and corporate spaces provides a pragmatic approach to addressing the impact of cyber threats and defensive solutions on roles, structural changes and creating effective response procedures.

The second pillar is implementation – our team develops and implements solutions for our customers.
​Our solutions leverage the initial surveys and existing structure to adapt our generic defense concepts for gradual and effective adoption.

The third pillar threat intelligence – our researchers monitor threats and provide our customers with early warning and advice.
​ We train and exercise security staff, operation center and cyber response teams and assist in effective implementation of cyber policies and awareness programs.